We offer stop smoking support for anyone over 12 who lives or works in Stoke on Trent or is registered with a Stoke GP


    Are you ready to make small changes to be your best – for you and your family? Get FREE help from our friendly coaches to stop smoking and/or create a smokefree home


    Protect your loved ones. Your smoke can harm the people who live with you, so make sure you keep the area around them smokefree.


    We support people aged 12+ in their local communities in a wide variety of venues (from community clinics to workplaces) for up to 12 weeks of support.

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do.

With our support, you’re 4x more likely to succeed.

Get FREE support for a smoke free...




Try our FREE online self-help portal bestyou.org.uk

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“Seeing my first week’s CO reading drop was a phenomenal feeling. I couldn’t have been happier and really helped to keep me driven each week.”

Deborah Todd


“The advice was recommended by a friend and I have now passed that advice to my friends. It’s become a team thing and we are all supportive of each other and our smoke-free futures.”

Lianne Kyle


“I encourage everybody to give it a go. You don’t have to quit first time, but you will quit for the last time.”

Paul Tomkinson